Call for Articles | The Indigenous Eighteenth Century

Posted in Calls for Papers by Editor on August 21, 2018

The Indigenous Eighteenth Century
Special Issue of Eighteenth-Century Fiction, edited by Robbie Richardson

Manuscripts due 15 July 2019

The editor of this special issue of ECF, Robbie Richardson (University of Kent), invites manuscripts that consider the roles and representations of Indigenous peoples from the Americas, Australia, and New Zealand during the long eighteenth century. In what ways did In peoples shape European literature and knowledge? How can we recover sites of agency and response, and how do we read alternative strategies of representation outside of the written word? How were European writers who encountered ‘Indians’ and ‘savages’ influenced by these exchanges? How was Indigenous material culture collected and understood by Europeans? This special issue seeks to bring the interdisciplinary approaches of Indigenous Studies to bear on the eighteenth century, and to continue the work of decolonizing the period as we know it. Publication is scheduled for Autumn 2020. Submissions should be 6000–8000 words. For more information, please write to ecf@mcmaster.ca.

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