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Posted in books, catalogues, exhibitions by Editor on April 16, 2014

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Accompanying an exhibition of photographs by Mimmo Jodice of works by Canova (Museo Civico di Bassano del Grappa, 15 September 2013 to 23 March 2014), the catalogue will appear in English this September. As reported at the Robb Rebort, in 2009 Silvio Berlusconi presented members of the G8 with copies of the book Antonio Canova: L’invenzione della bellezza, each handmade with a marble cover weighing 21 pounds and 77 photographs by Jodice; only 39 copies were published by Marilena Ferrari House of Fine Art and Foundation (FMR) of Bologna, with 4 copies being donated to museums and 25 copies offered for sale at a whopping $200,000 each (itself interesting for the reception history of Canova). -CH

From ArtBooks.com:

Giuliana Ericani, Jodice: Canova (Venice: Marsilio, 2014), 116 pages, ISBN: 978-8831717571, $47. 

copertina-mostra11A disquiet expressed with a timeless vision. The decision to pay homage to Antonio Canova could not but start out of the encounter with the man who, back in 1992, had already understood his sculptures and captured their essence in images that have themselves become works of art. This man, this contemporary artist, could only be Mimmo Jodice. He is not only a photographer of art but a person with a keen gaze and vision who has decided to tackle perhaps the most complex sculptor of all time. Jodice chose to approach Canova with love and intellectual nobility and now, through a fascinating series of unprecedented details, is offering us a new, contemporary, conceptually lucid, authoritative, and captivating view of one of the greatest artists in history.

Giuliana Ericani was born in Trieste and graduated in Art History with Rodolfo Pallucchini at the University of Padua. She
is the director of the museums at Bassano del Grappa.

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