Call for Articles | Boletín de Arte, Special Issue on Animals

Posted in Calls for Papers by Editor on November 9, 2018

From H-ArtHist:

Boletín de Arte 40 (2019), Special Issue: Animals and Art History
Edited by Reyes Escalera Pérez and Concepción Cortés Zulueta

Articles due by 28 February 2019 (in Spanish, English, French, or Italian)

As humans, we live surrounded by animals that we often ignore, or that we tend to substitute with or filter through our meanings, perceptions and symbolism. However, in recent decades animals have been increasingly present among the concerns and interests of our societies not just through their representations, but also as subjects and agents whose perspectives are worth considering. In parallel, animal studies (or human-animal studies) have reclaimed animals as a field of inquiry of the humanities and social sciences, including art history. This transversal approach is usually acquainted with biology and other related disciplines, interacts with other area studies (gender, postcolonial, queer, etc.), and is reinforced and may be accompanied by frameworks like posthumanism, or by environmental concerns.

This Animals and Art History issue of Boletín de Arte is open to address the subject of non-human animals from all periods, methodologies and approaches of art history. Possible topics include, but are by no means limited to, the following:
• Representations of animals (portraits, photographs, scientific illustrations, etc.)
• Biographies of historical or artistic animals
• Emblems and treaties on animals
• Museums and animals, animals inside the white cube
• Nature and symbology of animals
• Artistic genres or topics about animals
• Artists and their animals
• Artists who collaborate with other animals
• Animals as creators or artistic agents
• Cinema and animals
• Videos of animals on the Internet
• Animals, art and gender
• Animal activism and art
• Eco-art and animals
• Art or designs for other animals
• Animals and aesthetics

In order to be accepted for consideration and double blind peer reviewed evaluation, the articles have to address the topic of Animals and Art History with a maximum of 31,500 characters (including spaces) and with no more than 10 images. The submission has to be made on-line, by registering through the on-line platform of the Boletin. Please find detailed submission guidelines at the Boletín’s website (scroll down for the guidelines’ English version).

Boletín de Arte, an open access journal edited since 1980 by the Department of Art History, University of Málaga, proposes a special thematic issue commemorating its 40th anniversary. This special issue will focus on the representation, presence, and agency of non-human animals in art history and visual culture.

Please note that this CFP and special thematic issue affects only the ‘Articles’ and ‘Varia’ sections, not the sections of ‘Book Reviews’ and ‘Exhibition Criticism’. For any queries, contact Reyes Escalera (drescalera@uma.es) and Concepción Cortés (ccorteszulueta@uma.es).

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