Conference | HECAA Sessions at UAAC, 2018

Posted in conferences (summary) by Editor on November 10, 2018

Thanks to Christina Smylitopoulos for again chairing this year’s HECAA sessions at UAAC. Next year’s conference is scheduled for Québec City. Full program details for 2018, including abstracts and speaker information, is available here.

Universities Art Association of Canada / l’association d’art des universités du Canada
University of Waterloo, Ontario, 25–27 October 2018

F R I D A Y ,  2 6  O C T O B E R  2 0 1 8

HECAA Open Session, Part 1, 2:00–3:30
Chair | Christina Smylitopoulos (University of Guelph)
1  Sarah Carter (McGill University), Physiognomies of Genius: Competition and Friendship in Aphorisms on Man
2  Andrea Korda (University of Alberta), The Eclipse of Visual Education? Object Lessons from Pestalozzi to Mayo
3  Loren Lerner (Concordia University in Montreal), The Infant, the Mother, and the Breast in the Paintings of Marguerite Gérard

HECAA Open Session, Part 2, 4:00–5:30
Chair | Christina Smylitopoulos (University of Guelph)
1  Caroline Murphy (MIT), Sensation and Sacred History: The Museo Sacro in Eighteenth-Century Rome
2  Alena Robin (Western University), Transatlantic Perspectives of a Passion Series by Mexican Painter José de Ibarra
3  Justina Spencer (Carleton University), Sartorial Alterity and the Cartographic Impulse: Costume Illustrations in French Travel Memoirs of the Ottoman Empire

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