Exhibition | Museo del Prado, 1819–2019: A Place of Memory

Posted in exhibitions by Editor on November 24, 2018

Now on view at the Prado:

Museo del Prado, 1819–2019: A Place of Memory / Un lugar de memoria
Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid, 19 November 2018 — 10 March 2019

Curated by Javier Portús

Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, Portrait of José Álvarez de Toledo, Marquis of Villafranca and Duke of Alba, 1795, oil on canvas (Madrid: Museo Nacional del Prado).

This exhibition launches the extensive programme organised by the Prado to mark the 200th anniversary of its foundation. It offers a survey of the museum’s history, focusing on the dialogue between the museum and society; heritage policies in Spain; the trends that have guided the growth of the museum’s collection; and its transformation into a place that has allowed Spanish and foreign writers, intellectuals, and artists to reflect on the country’s past and its collective identity.

Organised around the art and documentary collections at the Prado (both visual and sound archives), which shall be exhibited alongside works by artists who have come into contact with the museum over the last two centuries, the exhibition presents a total of 168 original works, 34 from different Spanish and foreign institutions, together with a variety of complementary materials including documents, maps, pictures, photographs, and audiovisual installations.


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