Exhibition | Luxury in Silk: Fashion in the 18th Century

Posted in exhibitions by Editor on November 25, 2018

From the GNM:

Luxury in Silk: Fashion in the 18th Century / Luxus in Seide: Mode des 18. Jahrhunderts
Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nuremberg, 5 July 2018 — 6 January 2019

Sacque (sack-back gown or robe à la française), ca. 1760 (Nuremberg: Germanisches Nationalmuseum).

In 2017, the GNM was able to acquire a remarkable object: a one-piece silk dress from the period around 1760 with a hooped skirt from about the same time. The colours of the silk fabric are extremely well-preserved; the pale blue background with the colourful flower decoration has hardly faded at all—which is extremely rare in textiles from this period.

But what did one wear with a dress of this kind? In the exhibition, splendid jewellery, accessories, and ‘fancies’ such as headpieces and collars, fans and gloves, silk stockings and shoes complete the picture of a lady ‘à la mode’. Contemporary portrayals and excerpts from historical literature also give a deep insight into the enormous skill that went into making such elaborate clothing and accessories. With around 100 items on display, the exhibition offers a fascinating insight into luxury clothing of the 18th century and also examines various issues within historical textile and clothing research.

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